Connections through synastry...

Astrodipity is an online dating platform available to users worldwide. We utilize robust AI-powered matching algorithms using your birth information to compute and suggest most compatible matches for you based on your astrological information. Users come to Astrodipity, tell us about themselve, and provide their birth information which we use to create a well detailed birth chart that helps suggest the most compatible matches. At astrodipity, you don't just meet random people,you meet people that we believe are a perfect match for you, your personality and the composition of your being.

We started Astrodipity with the aim of helping people create deeper and more meaningful connections. This is crucial in our everyday life. Astrodipity also helps you understand more about yourself. It tells you your planetary signs, rising sign, zodiac signs, explains how important they are to you, and how crucial they are in forming relationships with people.

Why Astrodipity

More Meaningful connection.
Personal Astrology Discovery.
Easy to use.
Available to Anyone From Anywhere.